BEAMCAP ™ solves the problem of dust accumulation on structural steel members.
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Need help meeting OSHA's dust
accumulation requirements?

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Helps You Meet OSHA Dust Standards
BeamCap™ prevents dust accumulation on I-beams, structural steel members, pipes, cable trays, and other difficult to clean areas. BeamCap completely enclose the structures eliminating horizontal surfaces where dust consistently builds up. This eliminates the need for cleaning in hard to reach places, and greatly reduces the potential for fires and secondary explosions. The aluminum enclosures also resist and protect against corrosive elements.

BeamCap™ is attached by using industrial strength magnets. Installation does not require a welder, a hot-work permit, or even a drill. In addition to simple installation, the use of magnets makes it easy to comply with the OSHA requirement that covered surfaces be periodically inspected.

BeamCap™ offers an inexpensive and effective solution for meeting and exceeding OSHA standards for dust accumulation, while increasing the safety for plant personnel.
solves the problem of dust accumulation on
structural steel members. The aluminum enclosures attach to the
steel via a series of magnets and provides a surface which is easily
cleaned and inspected
Easily attached with industrial strength magnets
allowing for simple installation
No need for a welder, a torch, a hot work permit,
or even a drill
Areas easily inspected to meet OSHA requirements
Aluminum surfaces resist and protect against corrosion
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